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Private chat with xaqiam - Tarot Reading and Mayan Astrology in Hail online. 20-25 years of experience in Mayan Astrology. Hello and thank you for taking time to read my bio. My name is Zak and I would be pleased to meet you in my chat. I have over 20 years experience with my gifts. At the age of 8 my grandmother discovered I was just as gifted as her and taught me to use my skills to help others find truth, clarity and comfort. I started with Tarot cards and still continue to use them today. Over the years I have studied and expanded my skills with new and interesting techniques and tools. With the Tarot cards I am second to none with connections with anyone. I specialize in love and relationships but also I am very skilled in finding clarity in matters of career, finance, and luck. Along with the tarot cards I also do a unique to me crystal reading. The crystal readings filled with details and very accurate they take a bit longer than a tarot card reading but they are very strong. The crystal is a gateway for me to see into all things, thoughts, outcomes, timelines, futures, emotions and ideas. I am also a highly skilled numerologist. My specialty in numerology is luck. If you seek answers to luck and chance ask me about a numerology reading. On top of all my skill as a reader of crystals, cards and numbers I am a master dream oracal. Bring me your dreams and let me tell you what them mean and what you are to learn from your subconscious mind. Many people ask how I even make my connections or how my gifts work. Thoughts, feelings, ideas, emotions, futures and timelines are all infinite with many possibilities and combinations and they are not something we hold inside ourselves they are all around us floating above in the shared thought and ideas of the world. Come join me in free chat, I always make sure I have a strong connection with you prior to going into a private reading to ensure the best quality readings. In free chat you are welcome to make connections, or ask questions about me and get to know me. Free chat is also a great place to ask questions to further understand my gifts or just have a chat. Every one is welcome.

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