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Apothocarius - Pendulum and Angel Card Reading in Hail

Get a consultation from Apothocarius - Pendulum and Angel Card Reading in Hail - no waiting. 15-20 years of experience in Angel Card Reading. With several years of experience working as a guide in spiritual development, I have assisted many people in finding the path to a joy filled existence. My recognition of these gifts have been known to me since my earliest years and is a reality that continues to grow in each passing moment. It has always been a passion to strive towards helping others and to enhance the energetic vibration of human consciousness. We are all called to be great catalysts of light giving energy, though many do not see this extraordinary potential within themselves. Each day should be an opportunity to change and develop our world into something beautiful. Sometimes it is helpful to consult with someone who not only brings understanding to our situation, but helps us to transform it into a tool for growth and happiness. It is always my pleasure to assist you in this journey of self discovery. Having extensive knowledge of the Ritual practices of various cultures, I am happy to assist you in creating the rituals and ceremonies to best enhance your frequency. Ritualism is not about casting spells, it is about cooperating with the abundance of energy in the universe to bring about effective change. The free will of anyone cannot be affected or changed and that should not be anyone's intent with a ritual, but the energetic realities around the situation can be influenced by a concentrated focus of energy and thought. The use of Ritualism can be very helpful in this process and can be very simple or elaborate. I am always very happy to explore the many options available for you to elevate your mind and spiritual frequency, in order to optimize your understanding of your own amazing energetic abilities. By working with you in resolving your personal situations, I will identify the energy obstructions that prevent a happy and successful life. In developing lasting and mindful solutions, we will set your life on a path to success. It is my goal assist you in developing a relationship with your Angelic guides and to find the best means of communicating your needs to them. They are a vast resource that stand ready to help us at every turn as sentinels of understanding and truth. I will teach you how to access the numerous energetic resources available to all of us in the bounty of the glorious universal creation. I am also an experienced herbalist, plant healer and perfumer, with over 15 years of training in earth medicine and botanical alchemy. Our amazing earth provides an abundance of resources to help us in this incredible life experience. Many of these amazing gifts are unknown and under utilized The power of scent alone can have a very profound impact on our frequency and can be a key element in our own alchemical transformation. Join me in Free Chat, for a discussion about Transformative Alchemy and learn how it can change your life in an extraordinary way. Please feel free to consult with me in private chat for the following and whole a lot more. *Relationships *Career *Money *Business *Family Problems *Relocations *Meditation Coaching *Finding Inner Peace *General Readings *Ritualistic Advice *Spiritual Counseling *Energy Elevation and Cleansing Please understand that I cannot give readings in free chat, per site rules! Except in certain cases like Demo's, where I can be a bit more open with sharing information freely. Otherwise, I am always very happy to assist you in private chat, where we can be as detailed as possible regarding your situation. It is helpful to advise me in free chat that you would like to go private. However anytime I am in free chat, then do remember that I'm available, even if seemingly engaged in conversation in the chat room. So certainly don't be hesitant, it is always a joy to bring clarity to any situation and help to shift the energy towards positive change.

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